About Me


I am a trained professional who has dedicated years of my life to helping others

Empathetic Therapist

I've had patients from all different walks of lives. I understand we each face adversity in many ways and have immense empathy towards all circumstances

Expert Treatment

I am trained and  certified in a variety of approaches to help you through your healing process

Ana Romero LCSW

 I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has served clients in Florida since 1997, first working in non-profit organizations and since 2015 on my own private practice. In addition to general anxiety/depression, I’ve had great success in helping women through pre and post-natal depression/anxiety, as well as helping college students through life-changing events. I work with individuals mainly using cognitive behavioral therapy and with couples using the Gottman method. Aside from my academic preparation and achievements,  I have the experience, knowledge and passion to help others. I listen with an empathetic ear, a genuine caring attitude and the respect that every human being deserves. On a personal note, I immigrated to this country on 1987 and lived in California where, I earned my masters in social work before moving to Florida. I enjoy traveling, reading, watching documentaries and dancing. I love spending time with my husband, our daughter and my extended family.

Member of Postpartum Support International 

Trainer/Consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Program

Masters in Social 

Member of Therapyden